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The Shortlived Saturn Sky

2007-2009 Saturn Sky sports car

Saturn Sky roadster

Once in a while events unfold that seem, however briefly, as if the stars are in alignment. It makes one think all is right with the world and that things are the way they should be. That’s just plain nonsense. The universe doesn’t care – it’s entirely impartial. But regardless the Saturn Sky might have been one of those that was destined for greatness in the car universe.

Based on GM’s Kappa platform the Sky arrived in mid-2006 as an early 2007 model, positioned as the more upscale cousin of the Pontiac Solstice, with a unique exterior and interior. Base price started around $23,000.

The Kappa platform also served as the basis for the Opel GT and Daewoo GX2 roadsters for international markets. All were manufactured at the GM plant in Wilimington, Delaware, which has since closed.

The Sky was like a junior Corvette with a front engine, manual folding top and rear wheel drive layout – roughly half the cost for half the cylinders.

Engine & Drivetrain

The base model came standard with an all aluminum 177 hp Ecotec four cylinder engine displacing 2.4 liters. While the all-aluminum design was not known for its smoothness, it did feature variable valve timing and considerably more power than its chief competitor, the Mazda MX-5 Miata.

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