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Lost My AC and Some Self-Esteem

Junk in the Frunk

AC junk in the SW20 frunk: (A) Low side port, (B) Refrigerant sightglass, and (C) High side port.

Around April I turned on the air conditioning for the first time this year in my Toyota MR2. Have you ever had that experience where the initial result was lukewarm airflow?  Then you’re in denial. You wait a little longer to let it “cool down” thinking maybe it will take a few minutes. Of course it doesn’t.

Then you’re kind of sweaty and feeling a tinge of guilt for not having paid more attention to maintenance. Guilt gives way to remorse, “Oh, I should have… turned it on more often. Or had it checked. Or…”. Then you think the worst, “It can’t be fixed. It will cost too much. Parts aren’t available and no one knows how to fix these old systems anymore. I’ll have to buy a new car.”

You start shopping in your mind and mourning the loss of your car while you’re still driving it, “If I had to buy another car it won’t be the same. I’ll never find another car like this one. It’s the only one in the world for me.”

Finally, despair sets in when you see even the sorry excuse of a new econobox with the too high seating position in the next lane at the stoplight has cold air conditioning. And a cupholder.

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Project MR2: Aftermarket Wheels

1991 Toyota MR2 with ASA wheels from Tire Rack

Toyota MR2 With Aftermarket Wheels

I’ve had my eye on new tires and a specific set of wheels for a while but had to hold off until after my recent move due to space constraints. I wanted to keep the stock wheels but they sure weren’t going to fit in the car with all my other stuff.

It’s hard to believe Toyota equipped 1991 MR2s with 14” wheels. More attractive 15” wheels were offered from the 1993 model onward. These are what was on my car until I chose 17” diameter (a +2 in wheel lingo). To keep the effective diameter fairly close I had to go with a lower profile tire. Still, the end result is a slightly bigger overall diameter.
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Adventures In Moving, With A Sports Car (Part 1 of 2)

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Life with a two seater is not nearly as practical as it is with a sedan. That much we all know. It’s a lot more fun.

Aside from the minor challenges of not being able to use it for hauling certain stuff – stuff often found at Lowe’s, furniture stores, on craigslist, or in bike shops – and other people, it has its advantages. It forces you to prioritize better and helps prevent a certain laziness that’s implicit with SUV ownership.
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