Happy New Year As Life Throws A (Virtual) Curve

Nurburgring Nordschleife

Track side a little way up the hill from the town of Adenau.

Happy New Year! It’s been entirely too long since my last entry. I can give you a bunch of reasons why, but it really only boils down to only one, which I’ll get to later.

After celebrating a little bit last night, I woke up this morning eager to come out of the gate strong. The first thing that happened? My computer, a virtual machine I’ll write about soon, was experiencing a glitch where the audio wasn’t working. It was fine last night and all of a sudden there was no sound, which is lame when you’re trying to listen to music.

Since it’s a virtual machine (VM) I decided to just revert to a previous instance. If you’re not familiar with the concept of a VM, just think of it as a computer within a computer. In other words, I don’t really use the main Windows environment in the computer. I use a Windows environment inside a virtual box inside the main Windows environment.

The environment I use is virtual. I can revert back to a previous “snapshot” any time, allowing me to quickly reset any time I have a problem. However, every file in the environment is also only in that environment. Because of that I use a separate external thumb drives to store my files other than pictures and videos, which take a lot more space. Being fairly new to this I forgot and reverted without creating a snapshot of the current environment.

Normally this is not a problem but I had recently just staged all my pictures and videos from 2015 in that particular virtual environment to backup to an external drive. So with a push of a button I lost most of the videos and photos from last year I wanted to share here, including about 1,000 pictures I took at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, the final stages of my garage makeover, hundreds of shots from trackside at the Nurburgring, kart races, and even the process of assembling my virtual machine on which I’m typing this. And for that there is no undo button or recycle bin. Oops.

I had been so focused on capturing all these great photos, I never really got a good look at them. Which leads me to wonder if I was really present when I was experiencing all these events. Or was this illustrative of how I and so many others may be going through life, not able to fully appreciate the present, forsaking it to curate (this word is so overused now) those moments for social media show-and-tell, the one I’m really slow to participate in at times.

Luckily, all my substantive data and the Nurburgring on-board footage is backed up on other drives. And not on the ephemeral cloud (also overused and overrated, in my opinion). Still I can’t help but wonder though, if what happened is a metaphor for the impermanence of life.

The futility of not only not stopping to smell the roses and really being present for part of it, but also of not having and being able to share with others the very moments I didn’t stop to fully appreciate. It’s the worst of both worlds, the price of one silly mistake. So let this be a reminder to fully experience whatever it is we seek to explore.

Oh, and the real reason for the long delay between posts? I let a number of other things get in the way. That’s the truth. It’s time to be fully immersed in this life’s experience again and check my virtual baggage by sharing it before it’s gone. Happy New Year!

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