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Seven Car Magazine Observations

McLaren MP4/4 F1 Car in the Road & Track Magazine lobby

McLaren on display at Road & Track Magazine lobby

I recently scoured a huge part of my magazine collection indexing notable sports cars of the past 15 years. In doing so, besides spending a ridiculous amount of time rereading many blasts from the past, several observations stand out.

Between the likes of Automobile, which sadly dismissed its Editor In Chief, Jean Jennings, last month, Road & Track, which was relocated from Southern California to Ann Arbor, Michigan amid a reorganization a couple of years back, and Sports Car International which ceased publication in 2008 it’s clear that the magazine business is in flux and shifting online.

1. Time Moves Faster Than It Seems

So many cars seem like they were launched recently but were actually on the market much earlier and are now out of production. This is actually good. Well styled cars that are five, ten and even fifteen years old have now heavily depreciated but still look great. These are the performance bargains a lot of sports car investors look for. Not because we expect values to actually rise (don’t hold your breath) but because these cars can be less expensive to own than new ones and they offer tons of fun as well.

2. Road & Track Is the Enthusiast’s Magazine

R&T consistently delivers content on sports cars, driving roads and motorsports, with an international flair. The magazine’s lobby has a McLaren F1 car on display for a year too (shown in photo above).

Automobile is also very good. I seem to remember their motto of “No boring cars” and will give them the benefit of the doubt despite the occasional Chrysler Sebring convertible review. They make it up on volume with pieces on cars like the Aston Martin V8 Vantage roadster and the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera.
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