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The Other Side of Mulholland Drive

A college buddy of mine, we’ll call him B-Dogg because that was his moniker, said to me during our undergraduate days he was going to do three things:

(1)   Get his PhD
(2)   Move to Hollywood
(3)   Drive a silver Porsche

At least that was the part of the conversation I remember most. The rest of it was about some homework assignment that I may not or may not have completed satisfactorily (that’s not a typo).

Fast forward a few years and he duly accomplished the three things he had enumerated. Since then I’ve come to visit on occasion when I’m in LA.

We’ve also been to a number of other places but they usually involve nondescript rental cars (a Hyundai i10 on St. Maarten’s twisties was a real gem) driven with reckless abandon. And strip clubs. B-Dogg loves his strip clubs.

In fact, there’s this strip club somewhere outside of Miami that’s nearly the size of a CostCo, containing a larger quantity of women and stages than one’s two eyes can see in an hour. Or three. But I digress.

Even though I had known about it since I was a kid, it wasn’t until last March that I sought out Mulholland Drive, that sinewy mountain road that winds through the Hollywood Hills.

I was there again recently, and instead of thrashing a rental, we took B-Dogg’s silver 2013 Porsche Boxster S (Type 981) for a brief Sunday excursion on Mulholland Drive with the top down before afternoon plans with his wife and some friends. Continue reading “The Other Side of Mulholland Drive” »

Petersen Automotive Museum: Worth a Visit?

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Last time I was in Los Angeles I happened upon the famed Petersen Automotive Museum on a Sunday afternoon. The museum was founded by the late Robert Petersen, founder of the company that originally published magazines such as Motor Trend, Hot Rod, and Motorcyclist – all staples of my teenage diet. It was hard not to notice the car mounted on the front wall, so I decided to check it out.

Right in the middle of the lobby was a 1953 Bosley, one of two cars built by a Mr. Richard Bosley. He reportedly had a Jaguar XK120 and an Oldsmobile Rocket 88 Coupe, and apparently decided he would design and build a world class sports car just because. At the time he was a 21 year old horticulturist and… well, have a look at the photos for the result of his amazing feat.

The variety of vehicles on display included antiques, vintage sports cars, pickup trucks, hot rods, motorcycles, and movie cars such as Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters. Old Bugattis also continue to impress. It’s amazing what artisans were able to accomplish with the technology of their day.

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