About Sports Car Investor

Sports Car Investor

Sports Car Investor (SCI) offers a unique perspective on automotive adventure and ownership by highlighting great values for car enthusiasts. Coverage emphasizes true sports cars, ways to attain and enjoy them, and the unique community of people who form this segment of society.

Sports cars aren’t for most people. In the minds of many they are expensive, impractical and unreliable. Sometimes they’re right.

But for those who can appreciate the difference between transportation as an appliance and what it’s like to really drive, there is no substitute. It is a relationship that exists on a different level yet must still be reconciled with practical realities. That’s what SCI is about: Getting more bang for your buck.

David Nguyen

David is a multi-time kart racing champion, former formula car racer, and founder of Volta Grand Prix, a Washington DC-area racing league.

A mechanical engineering graduate of Virginia Tech, he has over a decade of experience spanning safety, energy, and vehicle connectivity issues in the heavy truck, defense, and automotive industries.

In addition, David has taught Adult Community Education (ACE) classes on buying and maintaining cars. He has never bought a new car, opting instead for investments in residential and multi-family properties. And more racing.